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Luxurious Quality Cotton Mosquito Nets for Beds. Custom Designed for Mostique giving you Maximum Quality at a Minimum Cost to you, Rest easy and sheild yourself from mosquitoes, spiders, flies and insects whilst you sleep.

Luxurious Double Cotton Box Mosquito Net

Cotton Box Mosquito Net
$132.90 Archived
  • Unique 100% Cotton Lace Netting Design
  • Only available at Mosquito Nets Online
  • Create four poster bed effect instantly to any standard size bed
  • Hang using 4 ceiling Hooks, or drape or tie onto a Four Poster Bed Frame
  • 100% Finest Quality Cotton Knitted Lace Netting in Double Size
  • 256 Holes per square inch Fully Functional Box Mosquito Net
  • Make your Bedroom look Stunning Instantly!
  • W 137cm x L 200cm x H 244cm

Cotton Mosquito Nets

WHITE - CNDBLE - Double Size

Luxurious white cotton Double Size Box Mosquito Net, made from 100% Cotton knitted lace netting, offering ultimate breathability.  Made from top quality cotton yarn, and features multiple top ties & four overlapping openings. Available in soft gorgeous pure natural white cotton knitted fabric, are pre-shrunk and fully seamed, fully cotton, and only available from Mosquito Nets Online.

More Info

100% knitted white cotton netting made from the best quality cotton yarn, which is pre-shrunk and has 256 holes per square inch netting. The mesh size stops mosquitoes and sand flies, as well as allowing airflow, without giving up the luxury.

Supplied with multiple top ties, and can be either attached to a min of four ceiling hooks, (one in each corner) on a standard bed.

For a Standard Bed: using four ceiling hooks start on the first corner above the headboard/pillow end to fit the ceiling hook, then attach the net, then pull the net across to get the best position for the second hook, then do the same for hook 3 and 4.

For a Four Poster Bed: Your net simply needs to be draped over a flat four poster bed frame or tied on to the frame - depending on the style of the bed.

Also included are four tie backs, all Mosquito Nets Online Cotton Box Canopies, are all fully functional mosquito nets, with a fully enclosed roof and fully seamed, and have excellent breathability, and have an average weight of 1.7kg each.

Designed to fit the bed size Double Size: W 137cm x L 200cm x H 244cm (54" x 79")

And extra fabric has been added to the overall size to allow for most bed base frames and easy fitting. *Please measure your bed/mattress size before ordering as well as a four poster frame.

Delivery / Returns

Shipping: 2kg - $11.95 (add on $2.95)

Everything is shipped within 24 hours and once you receive Mosquito Nets Online email to confirm your order has been shipped, you will receive an email for your tracking with 24-48 hrs. Use the link in the tracking email to determine what the status is on your delivery. Your order will  take 7- 10 days for delivery.

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