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Cream Resort Style Mosquito Net

Cream Mosquito Net Resort
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EAN: 0642968299739
  • Fits All Beds, easy to Hang
  • Gorgeous Fully functional mosquito net
  • Light Cream Colour 
  • Fitted with 2 tent rods provided
  • Stock Clearance sale
  • W 1250cm x L 250cm x Top 70cm x 70cm

Resort Mosquito Nets for Beds

IVORY/CREAM - CRES16 - One size fits all beds

Gorgeous Light Cream Resort Style mosquito net or bed canopy, available for a limited time only until sold out.These Bed nets are available in king size and this design of the Cream resort style Bedroom Nets. 156 holes per square inch and are made from a high quality and soft feeling polyester mosquito netting, making an excellent functional mosquito nets as well as a modern and non-fussy mozzie Net design, which fits all size beds.

More Info

The Classic Cream mosquito net Resort style is a King size bed net,  and has one overlapping opening, and measures 1250cm in total width (measured around the bottom) and is 250cm in length, (you can add length by extending the top tie, from the ceiling to the top of the net), with a 70cm x 70cm square top, which is held open using the two tent rods provided, and allows more inside space in your canopy.

The cream resort net is made from durable, easy-care, 100% soft polyester Cream mosquito netting, with one overlapping opening and a sewn hem. Hardware is included and arrives in PVC Bag for Packaging: + Label + Ceiling hook, so you can instal straight away.

The cream resort style mosquito net is less than a kilo only 650g in weight, so you can easily hang from the ceiling, or from the centre of a ceiling fan. Available in one generous size which fits all types of beds, and is popular with the guys, due to the non fussy modern design. 

Placing the ceiling hook in the best position is a quarter or a third of the way down, Centre from the top or the headboard/pillow end of the bed.

To assemble the resort net: remove tent rods from bag, put rods together and give them a slight bend to get them flexible and warmed up. Then undo them to thread each tent rod through the top loops of the net, (including the centre loop) then slot the rod together. Bend the rods upwards to fit in the four corner pockets and this will ensure the canopy is stretched to give you plenty of room underneath. *and remember to bend and flex the rods rather than pulling on the net and pushing on the corner pockets.

Attach clear line or tie of your choice to the Centre of the rods to allow the resort net to hang freely from its hook, which allows you to position you net with ease.

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