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Mosquito Nets FAQS

Please browse through our FAQs below to see if our team at Mosquito Nets Online can help you with any of your questions. If you do not find the answer you need here then please feel free to contact us.

i have high ceilings in my house so was wondering if you sell a longer length mosquito net

No problem all you will need to do is add some length to the top tie on your net, using clear line or ribbon, or make a simple frame to tie your net to.

Do your nets offer protection from mosquito bites?

Yes all our mosquito nets do protect you from mosquito bites and anything else that crawls or flies around at night.

I have a double bed without posts so I guess the net I want will be attached to the ceiling?

Yes the luxurious box net would be perfect for your bed and is attached easily to the ceiling with 4 ceiling hooks.

Is the box net sealed at the top, that is does it have a roof?

Yes the box net is a fully sealed box mosquito net.

Do you have any cotton mosquito nets?

Hello yes listed in the cotton section, and made from 100% pure cotton knitted netting or fine cotton muslin material fabric. We offer 3 types of cotton box bed canopies and the Cotton resort style mosquito nets which only need one ceiling hook to hang. We also offer a selection of really cute kids cotton bed canopies listed in the childrens' nets and bed canopies section.

Do you have any tips on washing the cotton mosquito net.

yes these nets can be washed easily in a large bucket or the bath with some weak tepid water with a little soap powder. Rinse well and hang to dry once half dry , put the net back over your bed. For spot dirt and marks just dab with a damp cloth with a little soap powder then dab with a plain water cloth to remove the soap. All in all they are really easy to clean as they are cotton.

I am considering ordering a net but want to be sure that I will not be added to any mailing lists. Is that possible?

Hello Victoria. Thanks for the enquiry and no under no circumstances with you email or any other data from your order be added to any mailing lists or newsletters or sold.

Hello can you please tell me how long it will take to post my order one payment has been made.

All our stock items marked as available will be dispatched within 48 hrs once your order has been made.

I am in rented accommodation so dont really want to fix anything into the ceiling. Can you advise me on which of the nets would be best for me? I understand that for some of them a stick on hook will be enough to hold them up?

command hooks available in your local DIY store more info and picture on my product info page. The polyester nets are the best choice as in terms of weight. The kids and economy nets are an average of 450g the resort style mosquito nets are 620g which are all great to use with the command hooks.

I am interested in purchasing a mosquito net for use over a cot but am concerned about the possible safety issue if my son pulls it down. Do you have a product for use over babies cots or advise on safe use? Thanks

 If you have a  baby then i would suggest either a mostique box net or the nets you can buy with tent rods in them so it stands on the outside of the cot, (Sorry i don't supply these ones) so the material is either taught or is away from the cot.

I personally used one of my larger single nets and tucked the net under the mattress, and a soon as my daughter started to pull it out i put up a king box net, which gave me the room for a chair next to her cot, and room to move around without getting in a tangle at night :) hope that helps