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Mosquito borne diseases in Australia

Lucky for us, we live in a country without the dreaded Malaria. Malaria kills approximately 1 to 3 million people each year, and leaves many others permanently incapacitated.  Imagine the entire population of Melbourne, killed by a mosquito, and the rest of Australia to sick to even get out of bed.  Additionally,  most Australian mosquito’s are usually active only at sunset whereas many overseas species are active all day and night.  In Australia, you will always find a few rogues that can’t tell the time and so they bite all night long and of course we all know that mosquitoes have an uncanny knack for being able to turn invisible when the light is turned on.
Though we don’t have Malaria, we do have A few nasty diseases that are carried by Mosquitoes.  Dengue fever (not endemic to Australia, but well established due to our travellers love affair with south east Asia) , Australian encephalitis, Ross River (RR) virus disease and Barmah Forrest (BF) virus to name our most troublesome.  All can result in long lasting illness and debilitation, and death occurs in several cases each year. 
A mosquito net will provide protection for those mosquitoes that arrive on time, and the stragglers that seem to appear from nowhere in the middle of the night. Remember, it only takes on mosquito to bite you once to transfer a nasty bug, so make sure when you hop into bed your mosquito net is closed properly.... and had no mosquitoes in it to start with!