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Some useful tips on avoiding getting bitten by mosquitoes

Wear loose fitting clothes and cover as much as you can as mosquitoes can still bite through tight clothing.
Make your fashion statement wearing Beige & Khaki and olive shades as dark clothing and especially Bright flower colours will attract mosquitoes.
Hold back on the perfume and be aware nice smelling shampoos, soaps and lotions also appeal to the mosquito.
The mosquito usually dines on nectar, but when the female needs to grow her eggs, she will need human & animal blood and that when you become dinner.
Mosquitoes hang out in the grasses and shady areas during the heat of the day, but if they are disturbed they will still bite you.
Mosquitoes mainly bite during the early morning and evening, due to the cooler and more moist air.
The mosquito bite is the body’s immune system reacting to the mosquitos saliva.
More children and infants are bitten by mosquitoes than any other insect.
For a natural alternative to chemical repellant use  the oil of “lemon eucalyptus “ to repel mosquitoes also Tea-Tree oil is a good repellant and great for treating bites.

Don’t forget about your pets as they get bitten too….